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TS System Maintenance & Support consists of trouble shooting and help services.
We sniff the network communication, test and analyze connections & the transferred data.

Email support

Describe the system behavior and attach your network log file to an email. We will analyze the file and help you resolve the problem.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

We also offer on-site troubleshooting services for more difficult issues.
Vendor neutral trouble shooting is showing you in detail which application of which vendor does what, thus shows you whom to contact to solve the issue without long and difficult discussions whose responsibility it could be.
  • Logging of communication between networking nodes, such as Modality, Review Station and Archive
  • Analysis of DICOM Requests & Responses, DICOM Objects and their Attributes and recommendations to possible solutions
  • We can easily see
    • AE Titles and other configuration information reset to the vendor's default value, which were manually configured to the local network before
    • An added status unknown to the Requestor, e.g. pending with warning sometimes is a problem
    • Changed Association Negotiation behavior, e.g. accepted/preferred Transfer Syntaxes
    • Changed object/image information

Recording Network Traffic

Recording your Network Communication after a new system was installation and verified to work properly within your environment will speed up trouble shooting.
Depending on the error handling of the involved software, it can be very difficult or very easy to find potential problems.
If the communication was recorded while all Services were working properly, it is easy to record again the network communication and to compare the log files.
Thus, problems can be easier and faster localized.

Example for a very simple Trouble Shooting problem

Workstation and Archive were set up and properly working. Later, the Archive was updated with a new software version. The users still could see their images being in the archive, but all of a sudden they could no longer retrieve their images from the Archive! The Archive Vendor told them that networking wasn't changed in that update, thus it's not the Archive's fault.
Examining the communication between these two network nodes showed the Workstation is aborting the connection.
Whose fault was it?
Was it the Workstation's problem? No, it was not.
The Workstation aborted the connection, because it got an error status from the Archive: "Failure: Refused - destination AE unknown".
What happened?
The software update of the Archive simply didn't automatically keep the configured Application Entity Titles. The Workstation was no longer known to the Archive and that Archive was not moving images to unknown devices.
In the described case the service technician who made the update forgot to reconfigure the Archive.
Re-configuration of the Archive to know the Workstation

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